Monday, April 4, 2011

Inconsistency and laziness be gone!

I must admit that the last few weeks I have had real issues with laziness and being inconsistent in everything pertaining to our home. I'm fed up with that and I'm done. I am taking my life back and I started yesterday! My home had gotten in such chaos Friday and Saturday that I spent yesterday picking up and getting it back in order. I fought it, I didn't want to do it on a Sunday but I prayed about it and knew that I had to. I felt so much better when it was done. There was a huge burden lifted. We came home after church and dinner at a friend's last night to an orderly home and it was wonderful. I got up this morning and didn't have to look at clutter strung about my living room and kitchen, ahh. It's really been on my heart that I have to find a balance between homeschool, housework, my children and our outside activities. It is hard! I'm praying about it and God will show me the best way for us. I don't want an immaculate home that would pass a white glove test, but I do want to feel at ease when company drops by unexpectedly. I don't want to neglect my children because I'm cleaning but I can't spend all day playing with them either. I know we will find a balance through God's wisdom.

My plan today is for the children to do math and their normal chores but we will not be doing our other schoolwork today. We are going to focus on our home today and get the bedrooms in order. One reason is because in a few days I will probably be babysitting a 3 year old (until the end of May) and the children's room has got to be in order before that. We will spend today with the focus of getting our home in order and then tomorrow pick up our regular routine. Our home will not become completely organized and decluttered in one day, but taking this day to focus on it will help immensely. Our city wide garage sale is in two weeks and I will be setting up with a friend for just one of the days. So, one of my goals is to declutter my home before then and sell it all. I'm not going to overwhelm myself with everything I want to accomplish, I have set goals and will take it a step at a time. My ultimate goal is that my home would be organized, decluttered and stay picked up and halfway clean; that we would be consistent with our homeschool and I would be consistent in training up my children.
You can read steps to a better me to see some of the areas I'm working in and what some of my goals are.

Blessings to you all,


  1. Sounds like a great plan!!! You can do it! I pray that you get it all done just as you are hoping! We did mass cleaning when we got home yesterday.....I moved my stove..WOW! lol! ;D

  2. OH I so relate to this post!! I have had a really hard time with motivation lately. It is so much easier to just play with the kids or get lost in a good book. But oh how my house suffers and when it suffers those in it also suffer! I've got to come up with a plan like you did!