Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clabbering milk, soaking grains and making lists..

Yes, I'm having to make lists with dates so I don't forget what I have fermenting or soaking or souring! Ok, yesterday I finally got my yogurt made and it turned out okay for my first batch. It wasn't as thick as I would like it but what do you know, it tasted like yogurt! I used it to make fruit smoothies for me and my kiddos this morning. I'm trying to sneak in some of those healthy probiotics when I can, shhh :) Yesterday I also made a batch of my bread and used 2 cups of whey in place of some of the water, I know it is healthier for us and the kids can't even tell the difference!  I also have two gallon jars of milk sitting on my counter waiting on them to clabber so I can make some soft cream cheese kind of stuff (I mean cheese). To me it is a cross between soft cream cheese and ricotta cheese. It works well to cook with but I haven't tried it any other way yet. I just know it is a super easy way to use my soured raw milk. Another use I found for my soured raw milk is to soak my whole wheat flour in it overnight to make bread, so I have a bowl of that soaking too (right next to the gallons of milk).  Oh, I also have a batch of kombucha tea fermenting in my kitchen as well. So, I am having to make a list of everything and the day that I started it so I don't lose track of anything. I also have numerous canning jars in my fridge that all look alike, so I have to label them too so we all know what we are grabbing. I have milk, butter spread, cream, yogurt and whey; so I write on the jar what it is for clarification. Yes, the whey looks different but my children don't pay a whole lot of attention when they are grabbing things in the fridge and that would be a nasty surprise if you thought you were getting butter instead. Ick.  That is what I have been up to the last couple of days, how about you? Are you experimenting in your kitchen? I would love to hear about it if you are. If not, I'd love to hear from you anyway :)


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