Friday, March 11, 2011

A glimpse into my home...

I thought I would just share a couple pictures of my home. I will try to post a few more another day. I always enjoy seeing others pictures, so I thought someone might enjoy looking at mine :)

The above picture is of our living room. Our home is rather small, 30x30 to be exact. So everything in our home is close and sometimes crowded. Six people in a small space can sometimes be hard but we manage and try to be content with where God has us. One benefit to having a small home, we were able to get it paid off last year! We are debt free, praise God! We do plan to add on soon, Lord willing.

Here is a picture of our kitchen. Nothing fancy but it works for me. The shelves in the right far corner are ones my hubby made for me, it's too bad you can't see them better. I guess I should clarify a little, because alot of what you see dh built for me, we built our home ourselves :)


  1. Lovely. The cabinets are beautiful!! :)--S

  2. Faithful Mama, thank you! We went with simple, basic cabinets (read cheap) :)

    Don and Shelly, thank you too. It is definitely a wonderful feeling to be mortgage free. Praise God that we were able to do it!


  3. That is AWESOME! Congratulations!

    We have a larger home, but people pay more for their vehicles than we paid for our home ($35,000). Of course, it is a fixer upper, so we had to take out a little larger of a loan, but we look forward to paying the house off as soon as possible.

    You are an inspiration.
    Great job.