Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My routines

Here are my daily routines:

Morning - (after I have my quiet time with God)
make my bed
take dirty clothes to laundry
shower, dress
start laundry
check my calendar
check dinner plans/start it
make to do list for day
check children's chores

Noon routine
check my sink, is it shining
sort laundry, reboot if needed
check supper
5 min room rescue
clear a hotspot
get ready for afternoon school
check children's chores

Before Bed routine
check kitchen, make sure it's clean
check calendar for next day
make to do list for next day
check meals/snacks for next day
do I need to prep for school
lay out clothes
pick up living room
get ready for bed
check children's chores

These are the routies I strive for, but since I am just starting flying again, I am babystepping my way back into them. I may not accomplish everything listed but I hit the major things. Also, just by reading it, I am reminded of what I need to do and if it really needs to be done that day, I will do it. Eventually I plan to have all routines done completely and out of habit, but for now I am content to babystep and do the most important things on each list.


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