Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh my goodness, have I missed posting here

My life has been so chaotic and busy lately, that I just sometimes haven't known if I was coming or going. There may be some of you that don't know what all has happened lately, so I will update briefly to explain why I have been gone. The first of this month my daughter was admitted to the hospital for dehydration from a throat and stomach infection, she was released after one night and did recover completely after a few days. Then was my son's birthday and fourth of July. Then on July 8 my grandmother was admitted to the hospital. I visited her each day while trying to visit my other grandparents occasionally while in town and help with VBS at church. Then on Saturday the 12, my grandmother was moved from the hospital to my sister's home and placed in hospice care. We had a wonderful day with her that day, but the next she slipped into a coma and never woke up. The blessing in that was that she was no longer suffering from any pain whatsoever. My mom, sister and I stayed by her bedside pretty much the entire time until Tuesday evening we decided we needed some rest, my mom went home that evening and I went home about 2am Wednesday morning. As we were getting ready to go back to my sister's house Wednesday morning, we got the call that her breathing had changed and we probably wouldn't have time to make it there, we didn't. She passed away 8:45am Wednesday morning July 16, my birthday. We made arrangements that day, the next we moved all of her belongings out of her apartment and then Friday evening was the visitation. So, we have had a few very long and stressful weeks this month and I must admit that I am very glad it is all over. I feel as if I haven't been home and spent time with my family in weeks. They all understood why I was away so much during Grandma's last days, but we still all felt the stress of missing each other. I am praying things will settle down for awhile now and we can relax a bit. This weekend we did take time to just sit at home, watch some Andy Griffith and just relax together. It was wonderful. I still have many chores to catch up on along with some other tasks that I don't normally have due to VBS, but God willing, I will get it all done. So, all of that to say why I have been MIA around here. I can't tell you how much I have missed posting here and how anxious I am to get back to simplicity and just enjoying my family and my home.

Blessings to you all,

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