Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So many things on my mind

Wow, it has been a week since I posted here, I am so sorry. I really want this to be a place you can come for encouragement and edification but I guess, sometimes, life gets in the way of the things we want doesn't it? That is what has happened this week. I will share a little with you, all of my children had the stomach virus, then ds broke his arm and then a few of us have gotten a head cold (felt like the flu for a day or so). Now, I don't say this for your sympathy and I pray I don't sound like I am complaining, I'm not. I simply wanted you to know why I have not been around here much lately. However, God is good in all things and I think we are all on the mend for now. Enough of all of that!

There are so many things that have been on my mind lately, I just don't know where to begin. However, it seems these things are the same things I keep posting on and I am afraid you will get bored of my redundancy. Perhaps these things are so impressed upon me because they are things that we need constant reminders on, things that don't come naturally or easily to us and therefore, we need the constant encouragement. Or maybe that is just me? What "things" am I talking about you ask? Our children, our marriages, our homes and modesty, those are the things that just keep pressing on my heart. I think these are areas where many of today's modern women fall very short according to God's word and it saddens me. God has been opening my eyes to the sad truth that so many of us are so concerned with the world's view and the world's opinion of us, that we no longer live to please God but instead to please the World. Think about it for a moment, when you are getting ready to go somewhere, are you thinking about how your clothes, hair and makeup look to God or how they look to the world? When you look around your home, whether you think it is spotless or like a tornado just hit, are you judging it by the world's standards or God's? When you are teaching your children in your homeschool, are you teaching them what the world thinks they need to know or what God would have them to learn? Or maybe you send them to public school because of the fear of what the world would say if you homeschooled? Do you serve your husband according to the Lord or have you fallen into the world's belief that you are not his slave and he is capable of serving himself? Do you allow your husband to make the final decision in your family or would you be mortified if your friend's thought you didn't have the last word?

My friends, as always, I am writing to myself just as much as I am to you when I write these words. I challenge you, look into the mirror and ask yourself who it is you are seeking to please today, the world or your Lord and Saviour.


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