Thursday, January 14, 2016

Keeping My Priorities Straight Every Day

I just had to pop on here real quick and share my new to do list with you.

I have been looking for what "plan" would work best for keeping my home, but nothing has really stuck with me and worked for me so far.

Our daily schedule is rarely the same every day, so it can be hard to follow a "plan".  My husband's days off change and now two of my boys are working and their days change as well. So, I need a really flexible schedule. 

Also, things come up that need my attention and if it isn't "worked into my schedule" it can end up throwing my whole day off. I've been praying about what is important to me and what really needs to be priority in my home. I should also say that when I follow someone else's plan, I tend to compare myself to that person or compare my home to theirs - and comparison is never good for me.

Another thing is that keeping my home spotless really isn't a priority for me. I become too easily obsessed with keeping a clean home and neglect what is really important. Or worse, I become really irritable with my family when they mess up "my" clean home. That is really bad! I've learned that having my home picked up is good enough for us. I like things in order and don't like a lot of clutter, but we live in our home and if blankets are left out on the couch because we like to snuggle in them- it's okay with me. There are usually books all over the kitchen table because we homeschool. There are always cups on the table or counter because there are 6 of us and we use the same cup all day. My point is that rarely is everything put up all at once and almost always you can write you name in the dust on my end tables - even an hour after I dust! I think that is just part of country living. 

I need relaxed and I need to keep my priorities straight. I can look at my floors and know when they need swept or mopped, I don't really need someone to tell me when to do that. So, I prayed about it and thought about it. Here is what I came up with.

I'm not going to follow a plan. I'm not going to follow a daily schedule, or even a weekly schedule. Each day (or night before) I'm going to make out my to do list of what needs done that day, knowing what else I have going on that day and what I have time for. 

And to keep my priorities straight, that is how my list is typed out.
1. God
2. Husband
3. Children
4. Home
5. Other

For example, under husband I might have iron shirts or do laundry if he's out of socks. Under God would be pray, read or devotion time. For my children it might be fixing their favorite snacks, checking their school or chores. You get the idea. 
I think with it listed out this way it will help me remember what is most important and make sure I get those tasks done first each day. It also allows me to look at my home and see what needs done most, not just what is "scheduled to be done that day."

I know some need more structure than this, that's awesome. God made us all different. We just need to find what works for us and our own families, not try to fit someone else's mold. 

Your priorities may be different than mine, so you could make you own priority to do list. Only you can decide what's most important in your home. I just typed it up using Microsoft word and made it two columns on the page and cut it in half. I have it on a clipboard for sturdiness. If this is something you want to try, do it however works for you. You can just grab a blank piece of paper and pencil and write it out. Whatever you want! 

My hope is that someone else will be encouraged by this and remember to keep their priorities straight each day.


  1. I really like your idea of having the to-do list broken down into categories of priority for each day...what a brilliant plan! Happy Saturday to you, Rashel. Hugs, Camille

    1. Thank you Camille. It really helps me to stay focused on what truly needs done each day and blesses my family.