Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My First 5K

Saturday I ran my first 5k - and I LOVED it!!

My daughter and my cousin (that's my daughter's age) ran (read that jogged and walked) with me and we had a great time. 

I had only trained a few weeks so I was not prepared to run the entire race, but I  really didn't care. We had two goals- finish and have fun. We accomplished both of those goals, praise the Lord! However, my running partners did wish that I would have run a little more, okay, a lot more. We had decided we would all stay together because it was our first race, it was in a decent size town and there were over 700 people there and I was not okay with them taking off on their own. Despite my slowing them down, they chatted the entire race and had a great time.

We are ready to sign up for our next one and this time some of my boys and my other cousin want to run with us - how awesome is that?!

My daughter and I after the race.

Everyone that finished got a medal which made it even better for our first race! 

Yes, I am totally addicted. I even bought a used treadmill yesterday so I could continue running in bad weather - I am definitely a fair weather runner. 

I am going to post about our runs and my training here on my blog, for a journal for myself and maybe it will encourage someone else to get moving.

I decided for now to follow the couch to 5k program because it has an app for my phone which makes it super simple. Today I completed week 3 day 1.

I am not an expert runner, ha ha obviously, and I am not a medical expert so please don't take anything I say as expert advice, I'm only sharing my walk - I mean run ;)

I pray each of you has a blessed day.



  1. Followed links to find your blog....

    We can't go outside, as the ice on the ground in interior Alaska is starting to melt just now, but i had to share a funny. My sister in law is big into races. She says, "I set a goal to finish before the balloon ladies (the ones that pick you up in a golf cart if you are to slow), and not die."

  2. That is hilarious! Yes, I wanted to finish and not be last :)
    Wow, Alaska. I would go crazy there, I do not like cold weather for very long. I did visit there during the summer of 1986 and it was beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting and telling me how you got here :)

  3. Great job, Rashel! Now that our winter weather has finally cleared, I want to get back to walking every day. No running for me - I am a wimp. ;)