Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lay down your burden and just love

It is far too easy to become burdened by rules and expectations; to become heavy hearted by thinking of all the tasks you must fulfill each day. As moms we are too easily snared in the trap of living up to an imaginary set of standards that we will never achieve.

 Life is not about rules and standards. 

Life is about love.

God's greatest commandments were only to love. To love HIM first and then to love others.

We must let go of trying to be the perfect mom with the perfect house.

Only GOD is perfect.

I love a clean home, but I am to love my children more.

I love checking things off my to do list, but I am to love my husband more.

My time is the most valuable gift I possess, I must consider what I am spending it on and why.

Yes, as moms and wives we have responsibilities but they must not choke out our love. They must not consume us, our thoughts and our time.

Today, I choose to love. 

Today, I choose to invest my gift (my time) in my family.

I will play, I will laugh, I will love. 

And I will not except the guilt Satan tries to lay upon me.

I do not believe at the end of life I would regret spending more time playing and laughing with my children- 

I do believe I would regret not.

Much love my sisters,

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