Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sleep, oh glorious, wonderful sleep

Do you like to sleep? 

Do you get to sleep? 

I remember very well the days of having little ones and never getting enough sleep. Well, now my children are older and I get to sleep. Sometimes. 

Sometimes I wake at the crack of dawn and CANNOT go back to sleep. Oh, that is frustrating, especially when it might be the only day that week the alarm clock doesn't have to go off.

Do you ever feel guilty when you sleep in?

 I did. 

I have no idea why, but I used to. I had some idea in my head that if I slept in I was lazy. I'm not talking sleeping everyday until noon, that would make me lazy. I'm saying I had some notion in my head that if I slept past 7:30-8:00, I was being lazy. 

Where do these thoughts come from? Oh wait I know, Satan. Yeah, he is a deceiver. I have no use for him.

Do you know what? It's okay if I want to sleep in some days, especially the days my hubby is off and also sleeping in. I'll repeat, it's okay. 

I'm done worrying what people think about the way we live our lives. Yeah, I have family members up with the sun everyday that would question my sleeping until 8 (yes, that is sleeping in for me). I'm not here to please them. It has taken awhile for that to really settle in my mind. I'm pleasing my Lord and my husband, that is my concern.

So now, when that occasional day comes when no one has to go to work and the alarm is not set, I sleep. I sleep without guilt. I sleep until I wake up on my own. I love it. 

Do you want to know a secret? Sometimes I wake up, look at the clock, roll over, snuggle in my covers and go back to sleep. GASP! 

I love my bed. We recently added on and hubby and I got a new bedroom and a new queen size bed. It is soooo comfy! I sleep much better now than I did before. Much better.

Here it is- 

I hope that if anyone else ever feels guilty about not being up with the sun that this post will encourage you.

Blessings my friends, 

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