Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Preparing for Christmas All Year

This year for Christmas I did very little planning ahead, perhaps none at all. I want to do better next year. 

I think I could put more thought and effort into each gift if I started much earlier. I think I could save money by watching sales or making more presents. I think my husband would be happy if I didn't spend so much money all at once. I think I would enjoy more of the Christmas season if I had most of the shopping done ahead of time. I think I would have more time to bake cookies and candy with my children to take to our neighbors. I just think it's a good idea to start much, MUCH earlier.

There's one problem. Okay two.

One, it kind of overwhelms me trying to figure out exactly how to start planning for Christmas in January.

Two, I'm a procrastinator.

I can overcome number two, I am getting better in this area.

About number one, you can help me.

How do you plan ahead? 

How do you plan gifts yet make it something that person won't buy between now and Christmas?

How do you handle the people you draw names for when your family doesn't draw names until thanksgiving?

How do you keep track of what you have for whom?

I would love to hear your ideas for planning ahead.

 I really am determined to do something each month, starting in January, to prepare for Christmas next year. I've already been pinning ideas for crafts and Christmas ideas.

I'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

 I plan to do posts sharing how I'm planning ahead each month, so that, maybe, I can encourage others to make the most of their Christmas as well.



  1. Girl, this is already a big deal for me too! I will prepare next year! We've decided to have a totally handmade gift year, and I am THRILLED with that, BUT it will definitely take some preparations! I want to have everything except the food ready by December 1st next year! Starting a list, and gift ideas right away after tomorrow!

  2. I LOVE the handmade gift year!!! I am so on board with wanting to be better organized and planning and prepping in advance so I can ENJOY the season and bless more people when time and resources are well planned they go farther!! I will be staying tuned ;-)

  3. I'm so glad I'm not alone in this, it makes it much more fun! Love the idea of a handmade Christmas. I'll post as I make progress in this area and I'd love to hear what you ladies are doing as well!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog while looking for THM recipes & I thought I'd comment on this. My family growing up planned and shopped all year for Christmas. I guess we had a more relaxed family in some ways, but everyone kind of understood how it was too. My mom was Christmas-crazy and would get everyone about 10 presents. At least half of those were necessities and would have been bought anyhow...socks, underwear, shoes, gloves, etc. She shopped off-season bargains, starting in January. She bought from the clearance racks and stored a lot of things in her attic. Not everything was returnable. The others were things she thought we liked and wanted....books, music, not always really expensive either, sometimes from garage sales in new condition. There were always about 2 or maybe 3 presents that were the big ones. Because there were many of us, and she tried to be fair, that often meant everyone got a new winter coat, or a new cameras, etc. Maybe all the gals would get a new outfit and all the guys would get radios, etc. She also handed us an envelope after the presents were opened so we could return an item if we didn't like it. Her philosophy was that a present was meant to be enjoyed by the receiver and if we wanted a different color or if the blouse didn't fit right....we were free to exchange or return it with no hurt feelings on her part. The most important "take away" is to start early if you don't want to be stressed. She loved Christmas and all the work involved was a labor of love to her. Now that I have my own family, I see that it really was a lot of extra work and not everyone thinks it's fun to wrap and buy all year long, store it, etc. Anyhow, I thought I'd share.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that, I loved reading how your family celebrated. It also motivated me to start keeping my eyes open now for gifts. Thanks again,