Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Planning to Succeed

With any journey you take, you must make plans if you want to succeed. Sometimes that means setting goals, it may mean choosing a destination or other times it means doing the little things ahead of time that make your journey easier. 
I think all of the things mentioned are important when you are on a journey to better health. 

If we don't take the necessary steps to help us succeed it's the same as sabotaging ourselves. One of the steps I must do to stay on target with my Trim Healthy Mama journey is to plan drinks and snacks ahead of time. I have learned that if I don't have these things prepared, I am much more likely to choose an unhealthy option - some sugar filled lemonade or just maybe a handful of chips. 

This weekend I took the time to make up several jars of on plan drinks so they would be ready to grab out of the fridge. I used Sheri Graham's version of GGMS, using a few different teas. I also bottled up some water kefir, milk kefir and kombucha. I love having these healthy drinks just waiting on me to snatch 'em up.

I also prepared snacks that are THM friendly and children approved.

These cookies are sooo soft! When putting them in the cookie jar I make sure to separate the layers with wax paper or they stick together, I learned that the hard way. You can find the recipe on this post, Peanut Butter Cookies.

These muffins are great to make ahead and have on hand for quick and tasty E breakfasts. It makes 18 so I will freeze some to eat later. This recipe is from Whole Food Mom on a Budget. It calls for oat flour, so to save time I use my coffee grinder and grind up a bunch of oats ahead of time and keep in my pantry. My friend uses a food processor to make her oat flour. 

These steps help me stay on plan in my journey to be trim and healthy, what helps you? I would love to hear your tips.



  1. I am finding that, too. I keep falling off plan because I haven't planned! Thanks for reminding me and for the recipes!!!

    1. You are welcome, thank you for stopping by and saying hello :)
      I wish you good luck in your journey and hope that planning gets easier for you.

  2. I have gotten totally off plan, and need to follow your excellent advice here! I plan to check out some of your THM Recipe posts!

  3. I haven't received my book yet and am hoping it will come today. I'm going to have to take your advice and plan. I want this to be a lifestyle change for my hubby and myself. I know planning will be the key to keep us both on track! Thank you for your help.