Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wednesday's Modest Outfit

Here is what we wore Wednesday. 

It was another cold day, as it is supposed to be all week but I guess it is winter in the Midwest! We stayed home during the day but did go out for dinner when Daddy got home from being out of town for three days. I hope you enjoy the pictures and at the end I'll share where the outfit came from, I actually remember this time!

I love my maxi skirt, it is so very comfortable. I wish I had more of them.

Here is a back view of my t-shirt. 

A homemade headband, just some extra material I had around the house.

Here are my shoes for around the house, when we went out I put on my boots.

Here is my girlie all dressed to go, she loves her shiny red boots she got for Christmas.

My T-shirt is from Inside Out Christian Apparel, a company owned by some close friends of ours. I linked their Facebook page and hope you check them out. Click on photos to see their line of shirts. I plan to do a t-shirt giveaway from them soon.

The maxi skirt is from Cato, it is about the only store I shop in. I love their selection of long skirts. I ask for gift cards from there for birthdays and Christmas.

The shoes are Danskin but I got them at a garage sale. My long sleeve is just a long sleeve thermal shirt, I love how comfy it is.

I'll post today's pictures just as soon as I can.


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