Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pimento Cheese - S snack

I had been craving some pimento cheese and crackers, it is a snack that my Grandma always keeps on hand and we enjoy when at her home. However, I was pretty confident the store bought had off plan ingredients so I decided I needed to make my own. It turned out really yummy! In fact when I made it, I only had a few Joseph's lavash chips on hand and those did not last long at all! So I am making more chips and my oldest son decides it is too good to wait on the chips and just starts eating it out of the bowl with his finger! Yes, I tried running him off but that didn't last long. It takes a whole two minutes to make a batch of chips but he is a 16 year old boy, need I say more? Every time I get a batch of chips done and go to make more, I come back to get a bite of chip and cheese and my son and daughter have eaten all the chips! I made two whole lavash breads of chips before it was done and they finally had gotten their fill.

Ya know the ironic thing is that I have been wanting my family to eat Trim Healthy Mama with me since I started and then I find something they really like that is on plan and I'm not sure I want to share! I'm JUST KIDDING, kind of. I AM glad they are enjoying some of the healthy snacks. My daughter just enjoyed the chips plain but my son was devouring the pimento cheese!

Pimento Cheese Spread  THM - S

1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1/4 cup mayo
1/4 cup pimentos
2 oz cream cheese
dash of salt and pepper

Mix all in blender or food processor until well mixed. Then enjoy!

I will be trying some on celery today!




  1. I have been thinking about pimento cheese (I know, that is strange) and wondered how I could get it on plan. I am going to make this for lunch with celery sticks (my 2nd best way to eat it after soft white bread which honestly doesn't appeal to me anymore since THM!). You said your Grandma always had this at the house as a snack - well I associated pimento cheese sandwiches with funerals for the longest time - it was the one thing our ladies church group ALWAYS made for funeral meals!

  2. When I was growing up, my mom would make Pimento Cheese with Velveeta - and I loved it. I love that you've made a THM version! :-)
    Thanks for posting at Trim Healthy Tuesday!

    ~Stacy @ Stacy Makes Cents

  3. Isn't it funny how certain foods remind us of certain things! I hope you both try and love this version, we sure do!


  4. LOVE pimiento cheese!! I used to make a huge batch every week and my hubby would take it in his lunch! The kids loved it too! My favorite way to eat it? On a slice of toasted homemade whole wheat bread!! :) YUM! Now you have me craving it!!! :)