Thursday, October 3, 2013

Astonished by Trim Healthy Mama Results

I was in disbelief today, and to some extent, I still am. My daughter wanted to go to Goodwill to look around so I said sure and while she was looking I decided to look at their skirts. I found a really cute one and I looked at the size and it was a 4. I thought to myself, no way. But something made me hold it up and just check –it looked like it might actually fit! So I told my children to stay put, I was going to go try it on. IT FIT!! What?! It is a size 4! Last time I checked, I was in a 10! Well, after that 4 fit, I went back to look for some jeans. I found a brand I like and they were a 5slim, again, I didn’t think they would fit and honestly they don’t, they are tight but I GOT THEM ON! I bought them too, for my goal weight jeans!

I started Trim Healthy Mama on August 4 by following the files on the facebook page while waiting impatiently for my book to arrive. My book arrived on August 14th and the next day I dove in completely, sugar free and all. I have had occasional off plan meals, some by choice and others because it was that or go without food.  For the majority of the time, I have been on plan and I added exercising the first part of September. I have only lost 10bs since August 4th, but I knew I was losing inches and my jeans were getting baggy.  

After I got home and I was telling my husband about my size 4’s, I was explaining that my pants were baggy but I wasn’t sure what size they actually were because it said 29 and I forgot how to convert the size. I decided to look it up, they are 8’s! I thought they were my 10’s getting baggy!! Oh my word! It is hard for me to believe I am that size because a couple years ago I lost some weight and was actually ten pounds lighter than I am now and the lowest size I got down to was a 6! My set goal weight has always been 125, 10lbs less than I am now because that is what I got down to then. But now I’m not sure.

 I love that Trim Healthy Mama heals my body and gets it back into the shape it was meant to be. Thank you so much Serene and Pearl from one astounded trim healthy mama!

 Look, here is the tag to prove it!

The jeans in the picture below are not the ones I got today. I wanted to add a full shot just because I like to see progress pictures and thought you might too.

If you have been thinking about Trim Healthy Mama but haven't wanted to spend the money, don't wait any longer. It is the best investment in your health that you could ever make! If you have never heard of Trim Healthy Mama go here, NOW! It is not another diet, it is a way of eating that you can do for the rest of your life, it is healthy and it is wonderful!