Saturday, September 28, 2013

Trim Healthy Eating Diary - Day 2

I am getting a little better at remembering the pictures now. I hope you are enjoying my food diary! It is kind of fun to keep track this way.

First, I had coffee with cream and truvia while I had my bible time.

Then for breakfast I decided to have a little fun. I printed out the Muffin in a Mug variations from the facebook group files and tried my hand at a few of them. I decided I wasn't going to make them in the microwave in a mug but instead bake them in my mini loaf stoneware pan in the oven. I really liked the ones I had seen done this way before, then sliced in half and layered with icing, YUM! 

First I gathered all the ingredients on my table and mixed each one in my small bowl. I had already greased my stoneware and as I finished each one, I just filled one of the loaf wells. Then I rinsed my bowl, fork and spatula between each mix.

I chose to make chocolate (top right), gingerbread (top left), pumpkin (bottom left) and peanut butter cookie (bottom right).

I baked them in the oven for about ten minutes and then started checking each one. The chocolate was done first, so I just lifted it out, set it on the rack and returned the rest to the oven. I reset the timer for a couple minutes and then repeated that process, taking out whatever was done. The pumpkin took the longest, which didn't surprise me.

Aren't they pretty?

We ended up being in a hurry to leave which meant I didn't get to experiment much more with them or make the icings yet. I just cut a few pieces of the peanut butter cookie one and headed out the door.

Did I mention I had a glass of chocolate milk with my breakfast?

Yep, chocolate milk. You can find the recipe here.

When I got back home I just had to experiment a little bit. So I took out the pumpkin MIM (that should be MIL - muffin in a loaf) anywho, I got the pumpkin one, cut it in half and then cut that in half to make two layers. I had made some pumpkin pudding yogurt dessert yesterday and decided that would taste yummy in the middle of this. Well then of course I had to top it with a dollop of Redi Whip! 

Yes, it was yummy, although I guess that means I had dessert before lunch. What kind of diet is this that I can have dessert first? Oh yeah, it isn't a diet, it is a TRIM HEALTHY MAMA lifestyle!

Ok, well, I wasn't full and wanted something quick for lunch and thought a grilled cheese sounded divine. Oh, the gooey yumminess of melted cheese. I knew I needed to keep it S so I figured I would try a Joseph's lavash bread and see how it turned out. I cut one in half so I stayed within carb limits for an S, then I cut that in half to make two pieces of "bread". I put a layer of butter on one side of each, placed one butter side down in the skillet, put on my cheese and topped with the second piece, buttered side up. Then I grilled it until it was browned, turned it over and browned the other side. 

OH MY WORD! I have an absolute new favorite lunch. No kidding, it is deliciousness in my mouth! 
I decided I should add a veggie to my meal and opted for some sliced bell peppers that were already cleaned and ready in the fridge. My daughter and I love these little peppers!

Speaking of my daughter, after she tried my grilled cheese, I had to make her one too!

Here is my plate of ooey-gooey yumminess! I am so glad I have a whole pack of lavash bread on my shelf and plenty of cheese in my fridge, because I have no doubt these will be made again soon!

For supper we had Pan Lickin' Chicken, fried cabbage, more peppers and a biscuit. The biscuit was from this recipe, but I omitted the garlic powder and cheese just to experiment. (I like them better with the garlic and cheese!)

I hope you have enjoyed my food diaries. If you would like me to continue for a few more days, please leave me a comment here or on my facebook letting me know.


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