Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Does Dress Really Matter?

Lately I have been struggling in a few areas concerning the subject of dress. Just a few of those questions have been "Does it really matter what I am wearing as long as it is modest?", "Does what I wear really show who I am?" and other similar questions. I even wondered if by me being in skirts most of the time if unsaved women would think that when they got saved they had to wear skirts all the time too.

I have been mostly skirts for some time now, however I do wear pants or capris on occasion as long as they are modest and not too tight. I was struck the other day with a thought when I realized how judgmental some women who are "skirts only" are toward women who choose not to be, I thought "I really don't want to be in that category". Does me wearing skirts only portray an image that I am that way as well, that I think I am more spiritual than women who do not? By the way, I don't think that but I have met women who do. I have met women who judge another woman's beliefs based simply on if they are wearing a skirt or not instead of taking the time to get to know them. A woman can be dressed very modestly in a long flowing skirt, with her hair up in a Lilla Rose clip and look very "Christian" but she could be cheating on her husband or neglecting her children at home, you can't tell by a person's dress.

All of this to say that I have been praying about this issue quite a bit lately and trying to figure out if the Lord would still have me to wear mainly skirts. Honestly, I wasn't sure anymore. However, today I believe I received my confirmation to the way I felt God was leading. I believe God can use many things to speak to us and today He used a blog. I haven't even been reading many blogs lately due to lack of time but for some reason (yes, I know it was God), I chose to read this one. I read The Modest Mom blog and her posts in her new series From Frumps to Pumps. They weren't even talking about being skirts only but did discuss the fact that how we look says a lot about us, plus many more things but you need to go read the posts for yourself. This is the post that really spoke to me about my dress.

Anyway, I knew that God was telling me He does want me mainly skirts and I can't be worried if someone makes a judgement about me or my faith based on my dress. I am to do as the Lord has led me and He is the one that will deal with their hearts.

Blessings my friends,



  1. I know this has been something you have dealt with before my friend! I'm so glad God brought you comfort. I've come to a place where I just don't feel comfortable in anything but dress, and ashamedly been one to judge others who are not dresses only, but thankfully God has really worked on my heart in that area. I feel more feminine and comfortable in my dresses, and find I can do anything that I'd normally wear pants for in a dress as well. I will go and read that article later on when I have a few extra minutes! Talk to you soon!


    1. Sara, you are right my friend, I have struggled with this before. I don't know why this issue comes around every once in awhile for me. Thank you for your encouragement!Rashel