Thursday, February 23, 2012

Interruptions of Life

I am just plain worn out and ready to sit down and put my feet up, but that isn't likely to happen until bedtime. It has been a very hectic week around here. Let me begin by saying I am not posting this to complain and I know many people are going through much worse than I am, I am only sharing what has been going on around our homestead lately.

Monday, I can't even remember what happened Monday other than it was a very stressful day of homeschooling. Nothing unusual happened, it was just one of those days that the kids were having melt downs which led to Mommy having melt downs. Not good.

Tuesday hubby took off because our insurance adjuster came that day to work on our barn fire claim, that went fairly well (so far). It is never a normal day when hubby is home, no school gets done and only minimal chores. Then I also found out that morning that my "Uncle" Bud passed away, he is actually a distant cousin but has always been known to me as Uncle Bud. I also found out that the day before a friend of ours from church father in law passed away.

Wednesday we took our puppy to the vet to get spayed, so to save another trip to town, we also made Wednesday our grocery day. We were in town from 8:30 until about 1:30, and then home to put groceries up, take my son lunch at work, pick up my other son and then try to get a few chores done before church at 5:30. After church some friends came over for coffee.

Today, my oldest son went to the funeral with me (he is friends with the great grandson of the man that passed). Some friends watched my other three for me. After the funeral we stopped by the store and my son bought lunch on the way home. I picked up my other children, took oldest to work and then we went to our friends to help them pack and move stuff into a storage unit. Now, I am home for a little while trying to rest for a minute. Then it will be time to get cleaned up and head to town for my Uncle's visitation. I think we will use some money we were unexpectedly given to eat supper in town tonight!

Whew, I don't like being this busy. I am a homebody and I really love staying home. Our home is staying picked up because I am trying really hard to at least maintain some order, but no other chores are getting done very consistently this week and school has been hit and miss as well. I know it will settle back down soon, it's just life.



  1. Oh, I know just what you are talking about! How can we be keepers AT home, if we're never home! Just keep praying, that things will settle down, and that God will show you (and me) a way to simplify our lives so that we can be home like we should! Love ya, my friend!


  2. Huh--funny week was similar! Normally I am able to be home most of the time, but this week it seemed that there was somewhere to go every day. I don't like that! But sometimes things come up, and we need to be flexible and accept what comes our way. Thanks for sharing and God bless!