Thursday, February 2, 2012

Help needed making fish stock

I am trying to incorporate some of "Nourishing Traditions" into our menu and today I am making fish stock, but I need your help, please. I don't have the ingredients listed in the recipe in the book, or the kind of fish listed, however, I had fish given to me and don't want to waste it. I have a few questions, can I use catfish and can I just use the whole fish cut up a little?
Today a friend unexpectedly showed up and wanted to know if we wanted some catfish for our pond and we said yes. (The friend was filling in their pond and there were lots of catfish that were just going to be killed) So, my children and I go get them, load them up and bring them home. A couple of the larger ones didn't make it, so we brought them in and I let the boys try to filet them and decided I would make stock out of the rest. Well, the boys need a lot more practice and I ended up with whole fish in pieces for my stock. I personally figured it was better to make stock the wrong way than to waste the fish altogether. However, I would love to know if it is going to be okay to use since I just threw the whole thing in and since it is catfish. I did try to search the internet to find the answers, but came up empty.
Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.


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  1. I enjoy reading your blog but have never left a comment. I think using any part of the catfish to make stock will be fine. Minus the organs of course. It doesn't make any difference how it is cut up.The bones of whatever you are using to make stock it whats makes to stock so don't leave them out. You will be straining the stock so you will be able to remove all those tiny bones.You will probably what to strain it using cheesecloth or somethin to make sure you catch those tiny bones. When I am making stock I will put any veggies that I have that are starting to go bad (carrots, onions, celery,etc...) in the pot too. Let us know how it turns out. Blessings... Teresa