Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maintaining after decluttering

Last week I spent most of the week decluttering and cleaning out my home, if you missed any of those posts you can just look here or here. This week is spent just getting in the habit of maintaining my home and keeping it decluttered and clean. I already have a Home Management Binder set up, I just need to follow it :) If you want to see pictures of it or read more about it, just click here. I have listed all the chores that need done in my home and then split them up as to if they need done daily, weekly, monthly, etc. and then actually listed them under days of the week. So today is Tuesday, all I have to do is look at my HMB under Tuesday and follow that list of chores. If I follow my HMB, all the needed chores will get done eventually and my home will remain clean and decluttered with just a little effort on my part. How do you maintain your home? Do you have a home management binder?

Have a blessed day my friends,

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