Monday, March 7, 2011

They aren't interruptions.......

they are my children! God has been convicting me of this lately. I have a tendency to get wrapped up in my housework and all the things I think I need to be getting done and then when the children ask me for help on a school assignment, I almost feel as if they are interrupting me. That is just wrong thinking!!! God has given these children to me to raise up for Him, they are the most important job I have. My housework will be there later and the laundry will eventually get done, but these children are growing up each day and I can't stop that. No matter how much I may want to.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not ignoring my children and I do help them with their school work. However, in my heart I have noticed that alot of times, I can feel myself almost irritated that they are interrupting what I'm doing - my housework, my chores, my plans. HELLO!!!!!!! They are what I am supposed to be focusing on. They are more important than the dust on the shelf or the dirt on the floor. My oldest son is turning 14 this year, that means only a few more short years until he is no longer living in my home. I have to treasure this time. I have to cherish it like it is the most valuable thing on earth, because IT IS!

So, I have (or God has) adjusted my way of thinking and I have adjusted the way I will approach my day. I know I still have housework to do or my home will fall apart around us (and I will go insane), but that is to be second on my list of priorities each day. The first part of my day will be devoted entirely to my children; loving them, training them and teaching them. I won't allow myself to even start on my chores until we have had Bible time, math is completed and I have read aloud to them from some great living books. Same goes for me getting on the internet, I can't do it until those things are done with my children. They are to be first on my to do list. Ok, second if you are counting my time spent with God, which I have every morning first thing with my coffee.

You caught me though, today isn't happening that way. However, there is a reason: I let my children sleep in and we are getting a really slow start to the day. Some are dressed and doing animal chores, some are in pj's eating breakfast and so our day hasn't really gotten going yet as far as our to do list. It will though and that is when my new attitude will show itself. :)

Here is my daily plan:

My devotion time
AM routine
Kids up and their chores started
Breakfast and clean up
Bible time with children
Read aloud and any further studies that come out of that
Children free time, I will get ready for lunch
Lunch and clean up
Writing, penmanship and any other school that needs done
Here is when I can work on chores, blog, etc
All of us finish chores - house and animal
dinner time and clean up
family time

No, it isn't some fancy timed schedule but I never follow those kind anyway. The main thing that will change is the way I look at things. My heart attitude needs to be toward my children, not just my home. I need to really love them, really cherish them, and really spend time with them. Not just in the same room as them but with them. I need to play with them and show them love in a way that they can see it. I need to remember that God has given me these children for a little while, they really are His and He is entrusting me to raise them up. Would He be pleased with the job I am doing?



  1. Very good post! I have found myself feeling this way too, and then I realize, these children aren't going to be with me for long, they will be out on their own fending for themselves before I know it. And I need to make sure I'm investing the time that God wants me to, so that they will be able to stand firm when the world comes flying at them. Hope you have a good day! (((Hugs)))

  2. Hi Rashel!! You have a really great blog! :D I always love discovering that new *friends* have great blogs to read! :) I have a lot of reading to do to catch up, and I'll be following along! :)--S

  3. Thank you Faithful Mama! It is great having new friends isn't it!!
    Thanks to you to Sara :)