Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh why didn't I start this sooner!!!!

I'm mourning all the time I lost not reading aloud to my children from great books. :( I used to read aloud quite often, I don't really remember when I stopped or why. Maybe it was when I decided they needed to learn to be self led learners? I honestly don't remember. It is important they be self led in some areas, but I can still read aloud right along side of encouraging self motivation. We had a wonderful time today reading from "The Sign of the Beaver" by Elizabeth George Speare. Every time I would pause to take a drink of my coffee, I would hear "Don't stop there!" And sometimes that was from my oldest ds (13) who normally doesn't care for me to read aloud or gets tired of sitting there. On the contrary today, he was making notes to himself while I read! After reading he pondered how to make a snare like the one Attean made to catch rabbits. He reread it when I told him there weren't pictures and drew one himself from the descriptions given. His plan is make his own snare this afternoon. The only reason they let me stop was because we had read right through lunchtime and they were hungry. Yesterday while at the library, I thought I had chosen too many books, but now I'm not sure I have enough to last until the next trip ;)

If you aren't reading aloud to your children, no matter their ages, I highly suggest you start.



  1. If your kids like that book, they'll probably like My Side of the Mountain, too. I love reading to my kids. Now they take turns reading to the family, too.

    It's one of the best parts of our day.


  2. A pastor friend of ours read to his boys even when they were in high school. They loved their reading time together. Most of their stories were missionary biographies. I always loved the idea. Sometimes I read to my son in the mornings and other times we play simple games or put together puzzles. What a wonderful time of day!