Friday, March 18, 2011

Live like you are dying

None of us know for certain what tomorrow will bring. It could bring joy and happiness or sorrow and grief, only God knows. I've been thinking about this lately because this past week a 19 year old girl was killed in a car accident in our small hometown. Death can happen at anytime, whether we are ready or not. I'm not close to this family but I know who they are and I still pray for them in such a difficult time. This tragedy, along with the one in Japan, have made me think (once again) about how I live my life. Am I just going through the motions every day and doing my to do list as if that is what my life is all about? Or do I live my life with a purpose? Do I show my children every single day how important they are to me? Does my husband know that he is the world to me? Have I lived my life in such a way that when I am gone, others will be able to look at my life and see Jesus at work through me?

Then there are other thoughts that enter my mind. If I die tomorrow, would my home be in such an order that my family would be able to find what they need or is it in such chaos that it would only add to their stress and sorrow? Would they have clean clothes or be doing laundry when they should just be comforting each other? I know these thoughts may sound a little strange, but I have them. To me it is important that I take care of my family in all areas and part of that means making sure my home is in order. Now, it isn't completely in order at the moment, but it's something I'm working toward.

What about my extended family? Do I make it a point to see them often? Or do I make excuses for not stopping by to visit? Our life is busy with ordinary everyday things but that is no excuse for not taking the time for our family. Yesterday while in our "big town" we stopped by my grandmother's home to visit. We don't do that near enough. Not only do we need her, but she needs us now that she is a widow (grandpa past away last May).  When we traveled north to dh's family for the funeral, something else happened that I just didn't understand. Dh's mother, father, sister and niece all came up the day of the funeral (when I say up, it's 4 hours from where we live). They got to the home of the family we were staying with about 20 minutes before the funeral and then we all left for the funeral. Afterward there was a dinner and then we were going back to the uncle's home for awhile. However, dh's mom decided she hadn't been to the cemetery last year and needed to go while they were there and then they were just going on home from there instead of out of the way back to the uncle's home. This uncle is her brother. I just couldn't understand that, why would she rather go visit tombstones of people who aren't even there instead of visiting with her brother while he is still alive? They live 3 hours apart and rarely see each other, this was a perfect opportunity to visit and spend time together. Our family won't be here forever and will we regret the times we could have seen them but let ourselves get caught up in the busyness of life instead?

I think we should remember each day to live our lives like we are dying, because in truth we are. Everyday brings us closer to death, we just don't know exactly when that day will come. Purpose to live your life to make the most of everyday that God gives you for we do not know what tomorrow will bring.


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  1. Such a good reminder for those of us who are task rather than people oriented at times!