Saturday, March 26, 2011

A lesson in brotherly love

My son, Nature, taught us a lesson this morning in brotherly love and I wanted to share it with you. However, I have to first start by going back in time.....only a few days though :)  My son Hunter has been going with friends quite a bit these last few days as the local school has been out on spring break and our church had a one night spring break retreat. Hunter attended the retreat Sunday evening, then spent the night at a friend's house Monday evening. Another friend from church invited him over Thursday and he ended up staying the night there that night. Normally we don't allow them to be gone so much at once but circumstances being what they were, we allowed it. Both of these boys are a couple years older than Hunter but are very good examples for him and they enjoy his company as well. Well because Hunter was going so much Nature was feeling left out and felt it unfair that Hunter got to do so much. We explained how things just work out like that and instead of feeling poor me, he should be happy for his brother.  Anyhoo, (yes anyhoo) Hunter came home yesterday and his attitude was okay but I noticed he was teasing his brother Nature and I spoke to them both about it and we went on. Not too much later he was teasing John Wayne as well (see my side bar if you're wondering about these names). Now don't get me wrong, our children do tease each other and I don't really think being gone for a few days made it any worse. It's something they do and we correct them and work on it. Now, back to yesterday. Hunter had been warned twice, so when he did it a third time (to Nature), he got grounded for two weeks. No more going with friends anywhere for two weeks. He got upset, went into the woods and cooled down and came back to the house with a better attitude. He didn't go off in a fit, I wouldn't have allowed that, but I do allow them time to cool down when they need it. Well, today one of his friends asked him to go somewhere with him and Hunter had to decline. I had already made plans yesterday before this happened to swap babysitting with a friend. Her children were over at our house yesterday and my children were going over there today. However, I told Hunter this morning he would be coming back home with me since he was grounded. He again got upset, not in a fit sort of way, just upset and tearful because he wouldn't be going. He didn't say anything to me but I knew and told him to quit crying and maybe he would remember he was to treat his siblings better in the future. Well, Nature came in and asked if Hunter could go with them. I asked him why and he said, with tears welling in his eyes, "I just feel bad for him". Ok remember Nature is the one Hunter was picking on most yesterday and here he is interceding for his brother. I told him I would think about it. I called them both into the living room, explained to Hunter what Nature had done and that I would allow him to go, only because Nature interceded and shown him love. I also discussed with Hunter what he should learn from this and praised Nature for his loving heart. I hope I didn't jumble it up too much but I just had to share because it really touched my heart to see the love of a brother like that.

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