Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cleaning out the pantry

I use the term pantry loosely here, as I don't actually have a pantry. I'm more talking about cleaning out the freezer and cabinets. I decided there are alot of things I need to use up before they go bad and before restocking. So, I went through my freezers and wrote down everything in them to use to make my menu for the next two weeks. However, in my sidetracked mind, that got me to making a pantry list on my computer of everything in my freezer and in my cabinets. I already had the cabinet contents on paper but wanted to put it in the computer and print it to be able to keep tabs on supplies easier. I divided things into categories such as canned goods, dry goods, baking goods, condiments, etc.  I plan to put it on the fridge and make tally marks as to how many of each I have and then use a red marker to mark out when it is used up. Does that make any sense? Anyone else do anything similar?  I just got to realizing it would be much easier to track what gets used a lot or what was running out if I had it on paper like that. Needless to say, I haven't gotten back to my menu yet :(  I will though as soon as I post this. My goal this pay period is to use up what we have and spend as little as possible at the grocery store. Normally I make my menu plan from whatever sounds good and then make my grocery list, but this time I really want to use up some of what we already have on hand. I may try to post my menu when I get it done, but it will just depend on how much time I have. You can check out this great website in the mean time, I get alot of my recipes from her. I hope you are all having a wonderful day today.


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