Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Would you get fired?

If, as keeper of your home, you had a boss watching over you, would you get fired? Are you doing your job to the best of your abilities? Or are you just doing enough to get by? How many "breaks" do you get during the day, or how long is your "lunch hour"? Do you take care of the tasks that need done in your workplace or do you look at certain tasks as not in your job description?

These are all questions we should ask ourselves as keeper of our homes. We have the most important job there is; taking care of our husband, our children and our homes. Are we really giving it the time and effort it deserves? I was thinking about this the other day and realized I was not treating my responsibility with as much respect as I would a "real job". Let's look at these questions individually.

Stopping to smell the flowers.

1. Are you doing your job to the best of your abilities? Do you put everything you have into doing the tasks that make up your day? As keeper of my home I should look for ways to keep my home clean, welcoming, relaxing and nurturing. I should be using every talent I have to develop my home into the home God purposes it to be. I should make sure it is ready to provide hospitality to those that need it. I should make sure it is a place my family feels comfortable, relaxed and loved. Am I doing the best I can?

2. How many "breaks" do I take during the day? How long is my "lunch hour"? If I were working outside the home, I would have scheduled breaks and lunch hours and would be expected to work a full day otherwise. Is that how I treat my day at home? I catch myself taking longer on the computer than I should, or longer reading a book than I should. Sometimes it isn't that I am actually taking long breaks, I am just not working as hard at my job as I could. I dilly dally or drag my feet. I couldn't do that at a "real job".

3. Do I take care of what needs done around my home or do I look at something and determine that is "not my job"? I was brought up with the understanding that if you worked for someone, you did whatever needed done on the job, whatever they asked you to do with no questions asked. Period! You did what you had to do, it was your job! I have to ask myself, is that the attitude I have at home or do I look at some tasks as my husband's responsibility or my children's? Don't get me wrong, we are to train our children with chores and such, but I believe you understand what I am asking. We should do whatever needs done around our home that we are able to do, unless our husband has specifically asked us not to.

Ladies, I pray you take a moment to stop and ponder this question: if you had a boss watching your work skills and ethic, would you get fired? Well, we do have a boss. Actually, most of us have two! Our Lord and Saviour is our first boss and He does see our work skills and knows our work ethic. Is He pleased with your service? Most of us are also married which makes our husband our boss as well. We are to serve him, respect him and honor him. Is he pleased with your service? Would he be pleased by your heart attitude toward your job? He has entrusted his most prized possesions to your care, his children and his home. How are you taking care of them?

I have to remember being keeper of my home is my job, one I am blessed and honored to have. Do I treat it as such?

***Republished from 2011, because I needed this reminder myself and thought maybe someone else would too. ~Rashel


  1. Good post! Ladies, if you want to make your husband feel loved, a big way is to make him feel cared for. There is nothing like walking in the door to a clean house, something delicious bubbling on the stove and a smile and a kiss from his precious "ewe lamb." Please don't ever feel like what you do at home isn't valued. It brings joy to his heart and makes home his favorite place to be. ~Don~

  2. What a great post! Thanks for pointing this out. I have never thought about it this way.

  3. Convicting! While our "job" as homemakers does not require the daily grind that an outside job would, we ought to be just as dedicated - no, MORE dedicated! Good post!

  4. I thought maybe I should add a reminder to go with this post. While it is important that we take our responsibilities seriously, we also need to take time to be a Mama. Don't get so caught up in your housework that you neglect to love on your babies. Try to find a good balance with ALL your responsibilities.

  5. I'm so fired! :) Definitely need to work on this!

  6. I really should read this post at least once a week!