Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Room chores

morning-clean sink and toilet
afternoon- sweep floor, help with laundry if needed, take out trash
evening-pick up dirty clothes, make sure room is picked up
Monday-clean shower, mop
Tuesday-clean mirrors, wipe washer and dryer
Wednesday-cobwebs, dust
Thursday-clean baseboards,mop
Friday-clean walls

morning-sweep floor, make sure kitchen duties are done
afternoon- clean table, take out trash if needed
evening- put away anything that does not belong in there, make sure duties are done
Monday-clean microwave, mop
Tuesday-clean fridge
Wednesday- clean stove (outside), clean chairs
Thursday-clean windows
Friday-clean door, mop

Living Room
morning- sweep, open curtains, straighten bookshelves
afternoon- make sure everything is where it belongs, movies put up
evening-pick it up, nothing on the floor or coffee table, books put away
Monday-clean white around windows, mop
Tuesday-pick up porch, clean window glass
Wednesday-put all movies in cases and on shelf, wipe door
Thursday-dust everything, straighten bookshelf, dust books
Friday-clean tv, clean walls, mop

morning-put all toys where they belong, pick up floor, sweep
afternoon- pick it up, all shoes put up
evening- all dirty clothes to laundry, everything where it goes
Monday- dust, straighten bookshelf, mop
Tuesday-clean window, white part and glass
Wednesday-cobwebs, ceiling fan
Friday-clean walls

If you look at all their chores, it may look like alot, but it really doesn't take them long to get them all done each day. There is still plenty of time for school and play.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these lists!! I am definitely writing them down!

    And just so you know, I have walked around all day yesterday and today asking myself if I would be fired!! It's making me work harder at my *job*!


  2. Tara, I'm so glad that I could be encouraging to you! Praise God for that. I had to say I smiled when I read your comment and pictured you walking around talking to yourself about getting fired :)