Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Woman for God

I decided that if I might be absent for a little while, that I wanted to leave you with a little encouragement.

I want to encourage each of you to be a woman for God. I pray that you will seek Him with your whole heart, not to just go through the motions, but SEEK Him. I pray that you would have a strong desire to seek after Him, to seek His will for you as well as to seek His ways. I pray that you would spend time in His word daily and that you would pray without ceasing. Now, I know we can't just spend all day in our prayers closets ignoring the rest of the world. That isn't what I am talking about. I am talking about praying throughout the day, spending time in conversation with your Lord. Our prayers don't have to be long, nor do they have to be the typical "holy" prayer format. Your God loves you and wants to hear from you, even if all you have time for is "God help me know how to answer my child", or "Lord, please help me" or "Thank you Lord". He loves you and He is not concerned with the formality of your prayer, He is concerned with having your heart. He wants to hear from you. He knows you have a life to live, clothes to wash, babies to feed and a home to clean. He understands when you can't stop your day to spend twenty minutes alone in prayer. He wants you to seek Him always, to pray without ceasing.

I pray that you would make time in your day to read His word. You need that encouragement each day, you need to hear from Him and you need to be fed. How are you going to be able to encourage others and teach them His word if you haven't taken the time for yourself first. You can't give what you don't have. If all you can manage is 5 minutes, by all means start with that. God will bless the time you give to Him.

I pray that you would live your life to please God, not man. Now, let me just say here that yes, you are to live pleasing to one man, your husband. However, if you are living your life in a way that is pleasing to God, you most likely will be pleasing to your husband as well. I pray you are more concerned with how God sees you than how your worldly family and friends see you. In all you do, may you do it for God's glory and as is pleasing to Him.

Take this time to pray and ask God if there is an area in your life that is not pleasing to Him, then open your heart and listen to Him. If He shows you an area, repent and purpost to seek His will in that area. I pray that you would be a woman for God, therefore an example to the women around you.

Blessings to each of you,

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  1. Thank you for sharing your heart, you are always an encouragement. I have your address and will post a letter to you soon.

    In His Grace,