Wednesday, February 6, 2008

When the mommy gets sick...

Dear sweet friends,
Many of you know I have been fighting a cold for some time now and it has recently moved into my chest. Well, with the way I feel today, I thought this might be a good topic: when mommy gets sick.

How do you deal with things when you get sick? I know there are different levels of sick and your response depends upon which level of sickness you are having. Well, right now, I am still capable of getting out of bed and getting my daily tasks done, however, I am really tired and run down. When I get tired and run down, my patience level seems to drop dramatically and I am trying really hard to work on this. I am trying to be very careful to plan my actions and not just react to the things around me. I am trying to be quick to hear and slow to speak. It isn't always easy and I am far from being perfect in this, but I am trying and by God's grace, getting better. I have also come to realize in these times of physical sickness, I don't have to be superwoman. My family realizes I am sick and they love me enough to understand if not all of my regular duties are being fulfilled. I think us mommas need to remember that our family is the most important, not a spotless house, not even a picked up and halfway clean house. If you don't have enough strength to take care of your family and your home because you are sick, then put your family first and your housework will be there when you get better. It isn't worth snapping at your children or being short with your husband. Remember that you can delegate tasks to your children also, it might not get done the way you would do it but it will be getting done. So for today, I will maintain laundry and dishes, that is it. The rest of the day will be spent checking the children's schoolwork when they bring it to me and then we will read, watch some movies or maybe sew or crochet. Yes, the children will still do some school. They each have a folder that has a form where they write down what they have done that day for math, reading, writing, phonics and Spanish. This reminds them what they need to get done without me having to tell them. They also know that if they don't write it down, it doesn't count and they will be doing school longer in the summer to make the required hours in our state. But our homeschool is a whole other post :)


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