Friday, February 15, 2008

Prayer request for my son

Almost four weeks ago, my oldest son fractured his elbow. He had his check up today. We went to the doctor today expecting to get the cast off, wrong! His fracture is WORSE. It seems he has been using it while in the cast and it has made it worse. They took his cast off to x ray it, clean it and move it around, to stretch the muscles and then they put another cast on. He has to have this one for two weeks and then have a recheck. Please pray that it heals quickly and correctly this time or he may have to have surgery and have pins put in it. They said if it is better but not completely healed in two weeks, he will most likely get a removable splint because the elbow muscles need to be moved so his elbow doesn't lock up. I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to how much he was using it and I sure didn't think it could get worse when it was in a cast. The dr said that if you try to use your hand or flex the muscles in your arm, it can still move the bone even in the cast. I guess I hadn't thought of that. So, my son feels really bad and mad at himself, for not taking better care of it and he is really bummed that he has to be in a cast for at least two more weeks.

So, please pray for him if you think about it. Gotta run, today is my youngest ds' birthday and we are going to eat supper in a bit. This weekend will be busy with birthday parties, so I will catch up with you Monday, Lord willing.


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